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Halloween Howl: Training Your Pet for the Spookiest Season

Halloween is one of the most awaited events of the year. With its eerie decorations, costume parties, and delectable treats, it's an occasion both adu...
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Pearly Whites: Importance of Pet Dental Cleaning

A pet’s grin is one of nature's most adorable features. As pet parents, we cherish these precious moments. But have you ever taken a moment to think a...
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Tips for Dealing with Matting in Dogs

We all want our dogs to have the healthiest and glossiest coats. However, one of the common challenges faced by dog owners is matting. These pesky kno...
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Protecting Your Furry Friend: The Importance of Heartworm Awareness And Prevention

Heartworms are a serious and potentially fatal disease affecting dogs and cats. These parasites are transmitted by mosquitoes and can cause damage to ...
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Spring Getaway: How To Plan The Perfect Vacation For You And Your Furry Best Friend

Ready to plan your next adventure this spring? Don’t forget to plan a relaxing and enjoyable getaway for your furry best friend.  Pet boarding is a gr...
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Preventing Emergency Vet Visits During the Holidays

In this blog, we've put together this guide to help you prevent emergency vet visits during the holidays.   Be sure your pet's vaccinations are up to ...
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4 Reasons To Try Our New App, Yourgi

Our team at Country Kennel is on a mission to provide you and your furry companion with the best care possible. While we’ve invested heavily in provid...
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Welcome to Country Kennel!

Conveniently located in Greensboro, Country Kennel is a premier North Carolina pet resort that has been serving dogs and their owners for more than 30...
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